Basic rate for translations

For translations a rate per word is used. This is calculated from the number of words in the source text and is therefore known beforehand. The number of words includes everything that needs to be translated, including tables and figures.

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Basic rates for proofreading and editing

LR TXT offers two different rates for proofreading and editing:

  • Usually an hourly rate is chosen. I will estimate of the number of hours needed based on your text. After finishing the job I will charge the actual number of hours spent on the assignment. This can be to your advantage if your text didn’t need as much work as expected; for a more complicated text you may have to pay a bit more. The hourly rate for proofreading and editing is the same. Of course, a full edit of a text takes more time than proofreading.
  • If you want to be certain what the final price will be, you can choose a word rate instead. This is higher for editing than for proofreading. The number of words includes everything that needs to be proofread, including tables and figures.

Additional information

For all assignments a minimum price of 25 euros applies. For urgent assignments a surcharge may apply. On the other hand, a discount may be applicable for large or regular assignments. Revision of translations or copywriting can be taken on for a mutually satisfactory rate.


For proofreading and editing a Word file is necessary. Translations can be done from all types of MS Office files, and after consultation for several other types of documents. For documents in PDF format and websites a surcharge of 15% applies.

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To receive a quotation for your assignment, you can mail your file to Or read more first about my procedure for translations or editing and proofreading.