Who and what is LR TXT

Liesbeth Rijnierse

LR TXT is the company name of translator and editor Liesbeth Rijnierse. It took her some twenty years with plenty of language-related tasks in her work to realise that language really needed a bigger place in her life. She completed the part-time translation bachelor at ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen in three years, and she is now a qualified and certified translator English-Dutch.

Dotting i’s and crossing t’s

In her translation training and in her work, Liesbeth has found that she has a real knack for correcting and improving existing texts and translations. Where many are mostly interested in the creative process, Liesbeth happily does the maintenance in the background and really enjoys dotting all the i’s and crossing every single t.

Wide range

Add to that the broad interest of a curious and inquisitive generalist, who quickly feels at home in new subjects and likes to cooperate to achieve the quality required… or even just that little bit more.

“A good translator or editor is able to write well. You have to know all the options to be able to pick the right one for this specific text.”
Liesbeth Rijnierse


See Liesbeth’s full CV on LinkedIn.